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HIPPA Compliant Customized IT Solutions

Phenom Systems offers “full lifecycle” IT Solutions for practices of all sizes, specialties and types - our HIPAA compliant solutions and implementation strategy are truly customized to align with the needs of the practice. Whether we are serving a startup practice requiring a full scale IT implementation, or a seasoned practice requiring a Technology refresh or HIPAA related technology updates, we are dedicated to fulfilling our commitment to our clients.

Featured Services

Network Design and Installation

A well designed and performing network is the backbone of a well designed IT infrastructure. We provide comprehensive network design, installation and management of the networking components to ensure that the network and dependent components function as designed and necessary.

  • Design and installation of networks
  • Wiring and Cabling installation
  • Domain based Network Configuration
  • Router, switch and firewall configuration and management
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
  • Network performance monitoring
Server and Workstation Integration

We employ industry best practices to ensure that the server, workstations and other computing components operate in harmony. A well architected technology infrastructure is crucial to minimizing and eliminating any computing related "downtime" impacting your practice resulting in lost revenue and inefficiencies.

  • Best Practices Compliant Solutions
  • "Soup to Nuts" Design and Deployment
  • Installation and Configuration of Servers
  • Installation of Workstations
  • Centralized Security Policy Management
  • Active Directory User Management
Imaging Systems and Software Integration

We specialize in integrating dental practice management software with digital radiography systems. Leveraging digital and "paperless" business processes allows your practice to take full advantage of the resulting workflow efficiences, reducing costs and allowing the practice to grow and scale seamlessly.

  • Practice Managment Software Installation and Configuration
  • Digital X-Ray Sensor Installation
  • Digital Radiography "Bridging"
  • Multi-Office Integration
  • Mobile and Tablet Solutions

Voice Over IP (VOIP) Phone Solutions

Leverage the latest in telecommunications technology for your practice by implementing our VOIP offering. Our VOIP services allow the practice to reduce costs associated with redundant phone lines and facilitate "paperless" business practices such as e-fax. These modern phone solutions are highly customizable per the specific needs and size of your practice

  • Streamline Number of Lines and Reduce Hardware Costs
  • Integrate Lines Across Multiple Offices
  • Paperless Online Fax Service
  • Call Forwarding and Mobile Phone Integration
  • Automate Business and After Hours Greetings

HIPAA Compliance

The HIPAA Privacy Rule established national standards to protect medical records and other personal health information. We take a holistic approach to ensure our solutions incorporate the mandated technical safeguards (Access Controls, Audit Controls, Integrity Controls, Authentication Controls, and Transmission Security) required to protect the privacy of electronic personal health information (e-PHI) and related sensitive data.

  • Holistic Approach to HIPAA Compliance
  • Encrypted E-Mail Services
  • Domain Based Secure Network Infrastructure
  • Centralized Security Policy Management
  • Data Encryption to Protect e-PHI
  • HIPAA Compliant Server and Workstation Operating Systems
  • Anti-Virus and Data Integrity Management

Other Services

Hardware and Software Procurement

We reduce hassle and costs by procuring required software and hardware components per your needs.

Data Backup and Recovery

Automated data backup and retention methodologies to ensure data integrity and on-demand recovery.

HIPAA Compliant Encrypted E-Mail

Encrypted E-Mail services to facilitate HIPAA compliant E-Mail communication, customized per your needs.

Website Development and Management

Customized responsive website development, maintenance and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Frequently Asked Questions

Is HIPAA Compliance Optional?

HIPAA Compliance is certainly not optional and should be taken very seriously. Failure to comply may result in heavy fines and punishment. After avoiding levying fines to small groups for patient privacy and security violations, the government issued its first penalty in 2012 against a small medical practice, fining them $100,000 for HIPAA privacy related violations. Read on for more on this particular violation. Another example was a $400,000 fine that was paid when a firewall stopped blocking unauthorized traffic and 17,500 patient records were breached.

I've been told that no office is truly HIPAA Compliant - should I really bother?

It is true that acheiving HIPAA compliance can certainly be a tall order, and requires significant effort to ensure that technical, physical and administrative (business process) safeguards are in place to protect sensitive information. Acheiving compliance (even partially) significantly mitigates the risk of the loss of data, or the liklihood of sensitive data being compromised. We strongly advise diligence in taking (and maintaining) measures towards acheiving compliance.

What are the measures necessary to acheive HIPAA Compliance?

Technical, Physical and Administrative Safeguards are necessary. Read on for an excellent summary of the pertinent HIPAA rules and associated safeguards.

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